Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The older I get the less exciting a birthday is!! I am 28 years old today and it is just another day, JJ is sick so we aren't doing anything, I took Hayden to a doctor appointment to get his flu shot and now I am just sitting at home!!! He did really well at the doctor though, he let them check everything and helped with the "flash light" to look in his mouth and eyes!!! He even did really well with the flu shot, just got mad at her for hurting him!!! He told me one doctor was nice but the other one hurt him and then gave him a band aid to make it better!! He didn't even cry! He just wanted a sucker and to "get outta there". So that was my big birthday!! Oh well I guess I am not a kid anymore!!!

The Thanksmas celebration was really fun and Hayden enjoyed his Maryland cousins!!! Here is my favorite nativity photo of all the grandkids!!!

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