Tuesday, November 25, 2008

December, 22 2008

I had my 36 week appointment today and am scheduled for an induction on the 22nd of December!!! I am glad to have an end in sight, but I do hope I can go into labor on my own!!! At least he won't have to share his birthday with Christmas!!! I am not dilated or even thinning out so I'm not sure I will go early!!


I also went to Twilight this weekend and I did like it, but I was really tired and had been on my feet all day at work and then walked around all the vendors and was not feeling too good, my feet were really swollen and I was hungry!!! I need to go to it again and decide what I think about it! It was so different than the book, but I expected that......I just thought it was cheesy and looked low budget!!! The next one should be better because they will spend 10 times the money!!!! 

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  1. Yeah!!! December 22 is so close! I can't wait to hear. We will be praying everything goes well.