Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally here!!

My water broke on my way to my doctor appointment to see if he had turned and if I would be able to be induced or have a c section on Tuesday 12/30/08. So we headed to Labor and Delivery instead and told them he was breech and they rushed us in to get an ultrasound and he had turned!!! Lucky my water broke because they were too busy and would not have been able to induce me until January!! I wasn't having any contractions so they hooked me up to pitocin and they started right away. I got an epidural early because there were 3 c sections going on and he might not have been able to get to me later, I am glad I did because I progressed really fast and the contractions were one on top of another and all I felt was the pressure!!! I started feeling a TON of pressure and the nurse and doctor were busy with 4 deliveries and 3 c sections!! The doctor missed the delivery next door and the nurse had to do it all!!! He made it to me and it was time to push but now the baby was posterior and had to be turned so his head was up instead of in my tail bone. They tried the vacuum but it didn't work so they pulled out the forceps. I almost fainted, I had no idea they were so huge and my epidural had worn off and it was too late to get more!!! It hurt like crazy and I almost gave up, but it was still only about 1/2 hour total that I felt the pain. He was born 12/30/08 at 4:53 and weighed 7 lb 14 oz and was 21 inches long. That is almost 2 lbs and 2 inches bigger than Hayden!! It was all worth it and he is a very mellow baby, as long as you hold him!!!! He didn't sleep alone at all last night, but if I laid by him he slept pretty well!! I will have to figure something out!! We are all excited and Hayden loves his new brother!!PhotobucketPhotobucket

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