Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter!


I LOVED the new movie!! It captured the humor in the books sooooo much better than the previous movies. I went in expecting a dark and depressing movie and was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was. It has a very dark undertone which they balanced out so well with the humor. They did leave out a lot again, but I guess you can't avoid it or it would have gone from 2 hr 45 min to 5 hours. The last book is being split into two movies which is a good idea but they couldn't do that with all of them or there would be 14 movies!!!! I hope they keep the same people(director, producer, ect...) on the last ones because I enjoyed everything about this movie!!!!


  1. I agree... I AM glad that it's been several years since I read this book... I was a LOT less critical and simply enjoyed the movie! I was laughing out loud a LOT!!!

  2. I also loved this movie, and was MUCH less critical of this one since I havent read the 6th book in a while. -Becky