Monday, September 28, 2009

Hayden is 4!

My little guy is growing up soooo fast! It feels like he has grown so much this year. He had his birthday party yesterday and it was a lot of fun! He was kind of a present snob and didn't act excited when it was clothes or something he didn't know what it did. Today he has played with everything and loves them all!!!!! He spent the day with his daddy and they went to Classic Skating and played in the "Jungle" and bounce houses. He had a lot of fun and even brought a sucker he won to me at work. We have is gymnastics class tonight and he is excited to go on his birthday!!! He told me he never needs toys again because he has too many now!!! I think that will change the next time we go to the store and he sees something new. I feel like I didn't do very well with the planning of his birthday and I even forgot to buy candles for his cake so he didn't get to blow them out :( He said he didn't want to any way, so I guess it was ok. It just didn't seem as exciting as usual, and I don't know if it ever will be again. I just feel bad for Hayden because I can't seem to get into anything like I used to, and I know christmas will be hard this year, and maybe even every year. Christmas was my favorite holiday, but now it just seems so silly that we spend so much money and try so hard to make it perfect and end up stressed out. I guess I won't get as stressed because I know it can never be perfect now............ I just feel like something is missing from everything that I do now.

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  1. guess what! ALL 4 year olds are present snobs! They are very egocentric at this age! So... now you know.. he is a perfectly normal, still sweet, little boy! Happy bday to him! Good for you for still pushing forward and celebrating that lil' guys birthdays and other holidays! He will remember so much of the things you do for him now! Even if it doesn't me spending a lot of money! And... going on doesn't mean you have to forget that sweet baby! He will be with you now and forever - in your heart!