Saturday, January 30, 2010

One week left!

We are doing a "Biggest Loser" at work and I have one week left to lose some weight! I lost about 9 pounds the first week and haven't lost any more..? I have been working out and think maybe I am gaining muscle, but I am disappointed. I am going to try and workout everyday and only eat healthy food. I can do it for one week.... I hope! I have been eating a lot better, but tend to cheat a little every couple days. I just can't accept that I can't eat what I want!! I LOVE food! I am doing really well on the no soda thing. I don't even want it. It is sugar that I am addicted to and I realize that if I try to give in just a little and have just one bite it only makes me crave it 10 times more!! My relationship with food is a tough one! I wish it were easier..... I just want to be healthy, and looking good would be a bonus!!!!

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  1. My comment is a little late but just wanted to say that you are doing great! 9 pounds in one week!! That is awesome! Sounds like you succeeded in the "Biggest Loser". Soda Soda.... that is hard to give up but once you do its amazing how much better you feel. I did the same and I am so suprised that I don't even want it too much anymore either. Sometimes I think about it a little but thats nothing like how it used to be..Good Job!