Monday, February 22, 2010

Over the Hump?

Last night was the worst so far! He was crying most of the night and wouldn't take the pain killer. He was shaking like crazy and kept asking why he couldn't stop crying/shaking. He seems ok most of the day but at night his ears really hurt. The doctor said the worst of it is at 7-10 days, so I hope last night was the worst and we are over the hump! It breaks my heart to see him crying in pain :( He is such a good little boy and I want to just take the pain away!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much better now!

Hayden is still sore, but he is much more active. We have to remind him to take it easy and no rough housing for a few more days! He had a fever for a few hours yesterday but is ok now. He HATES the Lortab and cries every time he has to take it, but it makes him feel so much better. He woke up really sore this morning, they told us 72 hours after is usually the worst, but I gave him Tylenol and he is watching TV and playing. He even ate a couple pancakes! I hope we can stop giving him the Lortab by Monday..... he really doesn't mind taking the antibiotic, but even the smell of the Lortab makes me want to puke! He is such a tough little guy and I am so proud of him!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Primary Childrens.

I spent the night at Primary Childrens. Hayden was throwing up and there was blood in it so they had us go in. They said it was just the blood he swallowed during surgery but kept him overnight to make sure he would stop throwing up. He is doing much better and is more comfortable at home. It was probably the anesthesia and blood sitting in his stomach that made him so sick. Now we are just relaxing and watching TV again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tonsils and Adenoids Out!

It is done and over with! Now just the two week recovery:( Hayden is a trooper. It was funny seeing him "drunk" before he went in! He was really upset when I first saw him in recovery and wouldn't open his eyes, the nurse said he wasn't awake yet. All of a sudden he said "I want a slurpie" and was wide awake. He cried and cried that he wanted to go home and when they finally let us leave he was so happy! He hasn't been too bad at home, except he threw up all the liquids we have given him. He isn't crying anymore, just doesn't feel very good. I hope he starts keeping liquid down better, he hasn't peed yet and if he doesn't by tonight we have to call the doctor. I am still worried about him, but he is doing well, just watching TV and sipping sprite and slurpie! Hopefully we will get some sleep tonight! My poor little man!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hayden needs to get his tonsils out... I am really nervous, even though it is a common surgery and a lot of kids his age and younger have had it done. It is scheduled for the 17th and has a two week recovery. (only because he is in Daycare and the doctor recommends an extra week away from all the other kids) I hope it helps him sleep better and prevents any problems in the future, but am worried about something going wrong. He doesn't have any major problems like being sick all the time but his tonsils are HUGE. They are like cherries hanging in the back of his throat and can cause problems when he is older and unable to recover as easily. I am listening to the doctor, he knows what is best but I have a hard time making a decision because I already feel I made bad choices with Carter and he died. It is silly but I will always wonder if I hadn't taken him for a walk in the cold and he hadn't gotten RSV maybe he would still be here. I also wonder if I would have given him more time maybe he would have woken up. I just hope Hayden is ok. No matter what I do something COULD happen to him and I just need to stop thinking about it.