Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much better now!

Hayden is still sore, but he is much more active. We have to remind him to take it easy and no rough housing for a few more days! He had a fever for a few hours yesterday but is ok now. He HATES the Lortab and cries every time he has to take it, but it makes him feel so much better. He woke up really sore this morning, they told us 72 hours after is usually the worst, but I gave him Tylenol and he is watching TV and playing. He even ate a couple pancakes! I hope we can stop giving him the Lortab by Monday..... he really doesn't mind taking the antibiotic, but even the smell of the Lortab makes me want to puke! He is such a tough little guy and I am so proud of him!


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  2. sorry i messed up owell i am glad he is doing a little better! let us know if you need anything ok! have a good weekend.