Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hayden needs to get his tonsils out... I am really nervous, even though it is a common surgery and a lot of kids his age and younger have had it done. It is scheduled for the 17th and has a two week recovery. (only because he is in Daycare and the doctor recommends an extra week away from all the other kids) I hope it helps him sleep better and prevents any problems in the future, but am worried about something going wrong. He doesn't have any major problems like being sick all the time but his tonsils are HUGE. They are like cherries hanging in the back of his throat and can cause problems when he is older and unable to recover as easily. I am listening to the doctor, he knows what is best but I have a hard time making a decision because I already feel I made bad choices with Carter and he died. It is silly but I will always wonder if I hadn't taken him for a walk in the cold and he hadn't gotten RSV maybe he would still be here. I also wonder if I would have given him more time maybe he would have woken up. I just hope Hayden is ok. No matter what I do something COULD happen to him and I just need to stop thinking about it.


  1. Poor little guy... He will feel so much better soon. You are doing the right thing Sarah.. I can't even imagine how hard it is for you to have to struggle with this right now. Hang in there...

  2. Surgery is no fun. I also think you are making the right decision. I've had kids in and out of the hospital for various reasons. It is always scary. If you need anything let me know.