Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tonsils and Adenoids Out!

It is done and over with! Now just the two week recovery:( Hayden is a trooper. It was funny seeing him "drunk" before he went in! He was really upset when I first saw him in recovery and wouldn't open his eyes, the nurse said he wasn't awake yet. All of a sudden he said "I want a slurpie" and was wide awake. He cried and cried that he wanted to go home and when they finally let us leave he was so happy! He hasn't been too bad at home, except he threw up all the liquids we have given him. He isn't crying anymore, just doesn't feel very good. I hope he starts keeping liquid down better, he hasn't peed yet and if he doesn't by tonight we have to call the doctor. I am still worried about him, but he is doing well, just watching TV and sipping sprite and slurpie! Hopefully we will get some sleep tonight! My poor little man!

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