Thursday, April 29, 2010

the "bug"

I was sick a couple weeks ago and thought Hayden was in the clear. He started complaining about a tummy ache a couple days ago and then last night was up all night pooping and puking. Poor guy. He kept his sense of humor though. The first time he just yelled "hey mom, I'm done peeing out my bum. Come wipe me." Then when he puked I ran in to comfort him and rub his back and he pushed my hand away and said "I got this." Then he was worried he might puke on the floor later and wanted to know what we would do. I told him we would clean it up and he won't ever get in trouble for puking on the floor, as long as he tries to make it to the potty! He said "I think I will only puke once so I don't make a mess." He hasn't puked again yet!!! He doesn't seem very sick.... maybe it is over with already??? I sure hope so!

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  1. Yuck... That is just not fun. Hope Hayden is feeling better...