Thursday, June 3, 2010


I miss my baby. I don't want to start all over again and get pregnant. I feel like something is missing. I know what it is, I can't fix it by having another baby. Do I even try?


  1. Sarah-
    Just to let you know Marcie is expecting another little girl in September. This baby will be 21 months months younger than our little angel, Emry Anne. Will she take the place of our Emry? NO, never!!! In the twelve days Emry lived, Marcie was able to hold her for the last couple of hours of her life. Marcie and I have talked about the aching arms left behind that can never be fulfilled. But the longing and sadness has changed to anticipation again. This new baby will add to the family not replace anyone!!

  2. I know my hurt doesn't compare to yours. But I have felt part of that ache to lose someone you thought you would get to love forever. I don't think you would be replacing Carter by having another baby. NO ONE would ever replace his sweet smile or the love you have for him in your heart. It might help to have a little one added to your family to help heal the hurt though. Just think, a new baby will have had the most recent contact with sweet baby Carter... I love you and please call me if you want to talk.