Thursday, August 19, 2010

broken arm

Hayden was running in the backyard headed toward the (buried) trampoline when he noticed a "little" kid on the tramp. He decided not to jump on and scare him and tripped and fell into the bar that is flush with the ground. He cried and said his harm hurt, but it was 9:00 pm so I thought he was just tired and ready for bed. I made him go to bed. He woke up the next day complaining that his arm still hurt and how it kept him up all night and he kept trying all the pillows (he has two) and they weren't soft enough. He wanted to go to the doctor because HE thought his arm was broken. I told him it was just sprained and he would be fine but decided to take him and see what we could do to help with the pain and get it wrapped or something. The doctor takes one little look at his arm and says "it's broken, take him to the hospital to get an xray and come back here for a splint." Hayden says "see, I told you it was broken." I am still not convinced. They do the xray of the wrist and there is no break but the girl wants to take a couple more up higher and there you go, both bones broken! I feel so bad that I didn't believe him. He is in a splint now but on Monday he gets the real cast all the way up above his elbow for 4 weeks. That is the rest of the summer. No more swimming or playing in the sprinklers, we were going to go to Lagoon, but poor guy can't go now. He is totally eating up all the attention though and can't wait to get to daycare every morning when it used to be a fight to get him in the car on time! They dote on him and help him with everything! It is getting a little old though, he can't seem to do ANYTHING with one arm, IE eat, put on clothes/shoes, go to the bathroom, ect. Four weeks is a long time! He will get his way though because I feel so bad and I have never broken a bone so really I don't know what it feels like. Poor guy. :(

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