Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy? or just nothing to report...

Well, I always have good intentions to keep up on this blog. I really wanted to go do more fun and spontaneous things, but it is really hard to plan that. ;) I was going to go to LA with my cousin Tara, but then some stuff came up at work and that didn't happen. I also broke one of my resolutions and bought a bunch of books. I just can't stop buying books. I really should just get a Kindle or something, but you still have to buy them and I still need to finish what I have. Oh, well. I just love how books feel and smell so I should have known I wouldn't be able to keep that one. Hayden started swim lessons and he loves it. He really wants to be able to swim. It is really cold though and he has a fever today so I wonder if it's from the cold water and then going out to the car with wet hair. We missed the third lesson because he doesn't feel well. I hope he's not really sick, maybe just growing too fast? I have to loosen his pants like every other day it seems and he has grown out of some that I swear we just bought. So that is all that is new. Not much going on, just regular life happening.

SarahZina :)

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