Friday, August 26, 2011

Hayden update...

My little man is starting Kindergarten and T-ball on Monday! He is growing up way too fast. He met his teacher and had his assesment and did really well. He is very smart with numbers, letter sounds are kind of hard for him. We went to Back to School night and turned in all his paperwork and he gave the teacher some Clorox wipes for her room. I really like his teacher, Miss Eldredge. I am a little overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to help him with at home, but I really want him to learn to read faster so I am going to try and help him every night. He really wants to read and it is something that is hard for him. I am excited to help out in his classroom, his VIP day is on his birthday so I am going to go in and play a game and bring treats for his class. I also signed up to do a presentation on Norwegian Holiday Traditions in December..... I guess I can Google it. :) We do have some Norwegian heritage, but we don't follow any traditions. Maybe we will start this year! I will post some pictures next week when he goes to school on the bus for the first time!

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  1. My mom might have some stuff on holidays too she does different country traditions every year so check with her!