Saturday, May 25, 2013

I guess it's about time I blogged. Hayden has been doing really well with Karate. He complains about it sometimes, but really likes his sensei's and has fun at class. He even won 3rd place in sparring at the tournament this year. We went to Moab in April and it was really nice. We didn't do much hiking but it was good weather and nice to relax. Hayden really likes our friends Great Dane, Harley. School is almost out and Hayden is excited for summer. He already says school is boring. I enrolled him in soccer again so it will be a busy 4 weeks with soccer and karate 5 times a week! He enjoys it though and wants to get better at soccer. They play at recess every day. He is changing schools next year so he won't be going to the one behind our house. Where he goes to Daycare had the boundaries changed and it was either find a new Daycare of transfer schools and I let Hayden pick. His best friend, Rock, lives by his Daycare so he wanted to stay in the same school as him. He also loves Julie and has been going to her house since he was 3 months old. He has gotten a lot better at reading and is working on his handwriting. We don't have any big plans this summer just more camping. We are saving to go to Hawaii next year, I hope!